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  Summer camp at Shaolin Gongfu academy, ZhengZhou

Not everyone wants or is able to leave their country for a long time, and especially most student are only able to come during their summer holiday. So especially for those we organize a camp every summer.

The summer camps are relatively similar to our standard arrangements with the big different that you will be training in a big international group. Which enables us a to give a special group discounts. Furthermore we will arrange extra activities and provide a free translator.

We also provide to opportunity to travel together, if you like.
You can meet up part of the group at your national airport. Those smaller groups will meet up in Beijing from where they will travel to Zhengzhou in 2 big groups. 1 group will travel by train and 1 group transfers to a national flight.  

For our summer camp you can only choose between a 2 weeks and a 4 weeks stay at the shoalin academy. Of course you can extent you stay there on individual bases but also might consider travelling around a bit ore living in 1 of our homestay families in 1 of the world’s most accelerating cities, Shanghai.


Summer camp 2008

Reservation and administration costs:

70 EURO p.p.


Option A: 2 weeks in the Period

13-07-2008 t/m 27-07-2008 (14 nights)

Cost per attendee:

3500 RMB p.p.


Option B: 4 weeks in the Period

13-07-2008 t/m 10-08-2008 (28 nights)

Cost per attendee:

7000 RMB p.p.



included in this price are:

  • transport between Zhengzhou airport and the Academy
  • shared room in school
  • 3 meals a day
  • training
  • some fully aranged excursions
  • 1 kung fu uniform including shoes

You should be at zhengzhou(capital of Henan province) airport on Sunday evening 2008-07-13
We have reserved busses to bring all participants at 20:00 hours to the academy and at the summer camp. On the scheduled end dates of the camp thy will also bring you back to Zhengzhou airport where you will arrive at 8:30 in the morning. If you like to arrive or leave on a different day as planed you should pay for the transportation fee yourself.


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