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  Basic information about our kungfu trips



We offer intensive Kungfu training at the Shaolin Kungfu Academy in Zhengzhou. Which is under the direct guidance of Grand master shi yongxin, 30th abbot of the shaolin Temple.

book your Kungfu trip now!
you can book a stay at the academy all year round and your free to stay as short or as long as you like. If you prefer not to travel alone we can help you find travel partners or you could join our summer camp.
(but the winters can be very cold, so that’s only recommended for the very strong ;-)

travel arrangements:
If you come all the way to china you also might want to see other parts of china or do other things like studying the Chinese language. Of course your free to arrange it you self, but we could help you with that.
We can help you find cheap flights to china, cheap national flight and we can also help with your living arrangement during your travel.

all levels:
The trainings are suitable for all ages and levels. We like to point out that even the absolute beginner can participate to the trainings without any problems. For the advanced practitioner there are many possibilities to further your skills.

There is a divers program of trainings with consideration for the level and desires of attendees. Besides learning shaolin kungfu styles, you can follow classes in a wide verity of other Chinese martial arts. Normally you will be training 6 hours a day. But if you like you can spent your free time following extra classes.

Kung Fu Uniform:
if you join our summer camp or book a stay for 4 weeks or more upon arrival you will receive an official shaolin uniform with Shoes.

3 times a day there will be served diversitiesed vegetarian food.


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