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There are no facilities provide to being call or leaving messages to students of the academy. So we like to give you some suggestions how you can stay in touch with your family and friends and how you could stay reachable.

Mobile phones:
China uses the GSM network on a 9000 band, than means if your works in these countries it will also work in china.
(All country with same band with)

Furthermore if your mobile phone supports

And most GSM telecom operators can be used in china, for more information please contact your provider.

For short stay and text messaging that would be ok. But if you plan to stay in china for longer time(ore if you like talking long on the phone) we recommend you to try other alternatives.

The Academy has computer rooms with internet and close to the schools there are internet café’s. They are open 24 hours a day and charge between the 0,10 and 0,30 euro per hour.
It speaks for its self that you could use, email, msn, yahoo, gtalk, etc.

computer rooms with internet


You also might want to consider buying a VoIP account before you go.
For example webcalldirect

You can then buy one account name, and you can not only use that one to call your family and friends but you could share your login details with anyone you wishes for example your parents or partner and they will also be able to use it to call you.

VoIP in combination with mobile phone:
If you then also get a Chinese local mobile phone nr for just a couple of euro cents(but you have to but at least 5 euro prepaid credit)

Everyone using VOIP can call you for about or less then 0,01 Euro per minute.

DID number:
If you like to be reachable for everyone, but you don’t want them to have to go to the trouble of using VoIP you could also consider buying a DID nr

You pay 5 Euro’s a month or less to buy a line phone nr in your country which is connected to a SIP server which you could then redirect to your local telephone nr there.
That will mean that everyone in your country will be calling you for the normal rate. If you are online you will receive the call for free, if you don’t pick up you will receive a voicemail in your email for free, if you pick up your mobile phone you will have to pay the rate according to your DID nr provider but should also be around the 0,01 Euro.

If you don’t like any of the above mentioned
Only your direct family or partner can contact us to leave you a messages but in emergencies only.


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