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  Conditions, pricing and info about extra possibilities


Included in all kungfu trips are:
* Lodging at the academy (with extra charge we can arrange you stay at a 3 star hotel close by the academy)
* 3 meals a day
* Possibilities of excursions

Extra's only included in the summer camps:
* Arranged transportation to and from Zhengzhou airport
* Kung fu uniform including shoes
* English speaking translator present

We require you to book and have paid the reservation costs at least 1 month prior to the your preferred arriving date.
Costs of transport to Zhengzhou are not included
For stays shorter than 3 months you need to apply for a visa yourself.

Prices: !!! New Prices (from 2008-04-12) !!!


If you stay for a period of:
  in months RMB/ per month RMB/ per day Prices in other currentsies  
0 to 1 8517 280 EURO DOLLAR 欧元 美元
1 to 2 6000 197 EURO DOLLAR 欧元 美元
2 to 3 5500 181 EURO DOLLAR 欧元 美元
3 to 6 5000 164 EURO DOLLAR 欧元 美
6 and more 4500 148 EURO DOLLAR  


For more information please feel free to contact us

Please note: we only intermediate between attendees and the academy in China. and only process your registration after receiving the administration and registration fee.

Participation costs have to be paid upon arrival at the shaolin academy. It can be paid in dollars, euro’s or RMB and has to be paid at the administration office of the academy. U will receive a receipt

Under aged travelers:
What is considered underage depends on your national law but usually the age of adulthood is somewhere between 18 and 23. They need written approval of their parents / legal care takers

Upgrading to 3 star hotel
The school is located on a closed complex where you will be staying in a simple and modest room which you have to share with at the most 3 others. The rooms have airco, TV, shower and toilet (and of course beds).
More luxurious rooms or staying in a 3 star hotel can be arranged but will be charged additionally

Of course to the shaolin temple but also to other Scenic spots.

Info about travelling to China:
the trip to(and from) Zhengzhou is not included. We can help you arrange it but we only do this on a individual basis this we everyone enjoys the freedom of customizing the trip to their wishes.
This way you can choose for cheap or luxuries flights or extra time for living or travelling in china.


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