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  Mandarin Course

Standard Courses
Beginner course will teach you pronunciation and basic conversational Mandarin. It is suitable for those students who have zero or limited knowledge of Chinese. Upon finishing 80 lesson hours, students will be able to communicate in daily life. Students will learn: personal greetings, weather, and grocery shopping, how to take a taxi, how to ask directions, how to book tickets, how to order at a restaurant and so on.
m2 Intermediate
Students in Intermediate course will move further into Chinese grammar and continue to increase their vocabulary. Our courses are focused on bridging the gap between Mandarin and English and making students understand and be comfortable with the differences. This section is suitable for those that have completed the Beginner level course.

After advanced Chinese learning, students can achieve advanced Chinese language capabilities, or be eligible for applying for graduate school in Chinese university, or work in a Chinese language environment. Oral expression and composition are emphasized in advanced Chinese learning as well as strengthening reading and vocabulary training.

Interested in our Chinese language course? Contact us for a free trial lesson.

Special Course
Chinese Character
This course helps students understand, appreciate and remember Chinese characters. one of humanity's greatest and most enduring cultural achievements. Until recent centuries, China had one of the highest literacy rates in the world and more than half of the world's literature was written in Chinese characters. Due to the central role of calligraphy in Chinese art and the vitality of Chinese civilization, Chinese characters have held a similarly prominent position in the world's art.

Shanghai dialect Course
Designed for those students who have mastered Mandarin. Help them to learn basic daily conversation, such as, greeting, introducing somebody, asking for directions, shopping, ordering food, and taking taxi, etc. 

Chinese Cuisine Course
The process of making one Chinese snack and one Chinese dish will be present in each lesson, such as, spring roll, wonton, rice dumpling and steamed dumpling; Mapo Tofu(Spicy beancurd with shredded pork meat), Tangcu Paigu (Sweet and sour pork rib ), Yuxiang Rousi (Pork strips in spicy sweet and sour sauce), Qiezhi Guiyu (Mandarin fish in tomato sauce) and Hongshao Shizitou (Braised pork dumpling), etc.

Chinese Mandarin Pronunciation
Chinese does not have a phonetic alphabet. The pronunciation is not related to the writing of Chinese words (characters). A special tool called Pinyin (pronouncing the sound) is created so that people may learn Mandarin pronunciation. Pinyin is a way to transcribe Chinese characters so that people can pronounce it. The writing of Pinyin is similar to English alphabet but there are also many differences. There are 4 tones in Mandarin Chinese. Each Chinese word (character) carries a tone. Different tones carry different meanings. Do you want to speak standard Mandarin, our teacher will help you to achieve that goal.


Mah Jong
Mah Jong, one of the Chinese cultural heritages with an origin in 4,000 years ago, is now popularly played across the country by different background people. Based on the game rule, people usually play Mah Jong in a group of 4 persons. The purpose of Mah Jong is relaxing, killing time or socializing. By taking the Mah Jong course, students will get a general idea of what Mah Jong is and what the game rule is and why Chinese are so interested in playing it, and have a better understanding of daily life of Chinese people as well.


I-Go is essence of Chinese nation wisdom. Since the dawn of Chinese civilization, I-Go philosophy is growth and development with generation to generation Chinese. In ancient China, the mastery of chess is one of four renowned arts with Zither, Calligraphy and Painting. In other words, I -go covers five thousand years heavy cultural foundation of Chinese civilization. Learning I-Go, you will feel the extensive and profound of oriental wisdom and traditional culture, management idea and strategic concept.

◇ Native Chinese teachers with at least one college degree in either Chinese or education and years of experience teaching Chinese to foreigners  

◇ Flexible schedule
Classes are flexibly arranged according to the needs of the students. It may be from one week to several months.

◇ "Tailor-made" courses
Training is based upon the needs and preferences of the trainees. It may be focused on conversation, reading or writing. We may also teach business Chinese and any other subject upon request.

◇ Be a member of our club, attend our gatherings and activities to learn Chinese and enlarge your social network



  Tuition Fee

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Shanghai dialect Course




Chinese I-go


Chinese Character




Chinese calligraphy/Painting




Chinese Cuisine Course:



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