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Staying with a local family is definitely the best and fastest way to learn the Chinese language, understand Chinese culture and make Chinese friends! It is also suitable for foreign tourists who want to see eastern China and stay in Shanghai, a city that is constantly changing and developing.  As a fully integrated family member you will eat, cook, watch TV, shop, and experience day-to-day life with your host family. The family will provide you with a safe, clean and hospitable environment, and assist you in your transition to life in China! Meanwhile, you won't have to give up your privacy, as you will have your own space -- a private bedroom, most of the time with a private bathroom attached.

Luo and Homestay Lodger (US student)

The diffrents between “free Homestay”, “charged Homestay” and “HomeHotel”   The difference between “Free Homestay”“Charged Homestay” and “Homehotel”

Homehotel could be for almost for everyone, depending on the chosen Hotel you will be living all by yourself or sharing an apartment with up to 2 other lodgers.(Please see Homehotel/hotelstay page)

Charged Homestay is for those who have a fulltime school or job and have difficulty’s guaranteeing that they will be able to give lessens 5 days a week (usually after dinner), but would love to spent their free time interacting with a local family. The family expects you to take initiative in joining their family activities especially every evening when the whole family gets to getter after a day’s work and school. Furthermore the family hopes you will set a international environment for their children and that you help in bringing some sort of cultural exchange.
If you let them to, they would like to treat you as their family member, including you in daytrips, and day to day activities like going grocery shopping with them and spent day by day live as a family or at least as good friends.

Free Homestay is especially for those who like, and have the time for, a higher-level interaction with a local Chinese family. Besides everything mentioned under “charged homestay”, you are also required to teach them English or Japanese at least 5 hours a week. High-level interaction means that the families expect someone who is eager to spent much more time with them than just the 5 hours language training.
If you’re not interested in this kind of cultural immersion; you don’t want to experience the Chinese family live this way or if you simply don’t have the time, please consider our homehotel service.

Free homestay

You agree to teach family English or English Interaction with family 5 hours per week, You receive free accommodation in return.  
 Charge homestay

You pay rent(room fee) and if you like the family members will speak Mandarin to you in daily life in order to improve your Chinesel.

be a week Shanghaiese

as a family member you will eat, cook, watch TV,shop, and experience day-to-day life with your hostfamily.


Preliminary Instructions for Foreign Lodger in Hostfamily
1. You will follow the guidance of the host family to register in the proper Police Office during your stay.
2. Please communicate with the host family about the facilities, habits, and need of the family members. You could also propose your own demands and ask for advice from the family.
3. You agree to spend at least 5 hours per week exchanging language and culture with the host family. As a member of the family, please inform the host family in advance if you plan to come home late.
4. Please keep your room and public rooms clean and tidy, do not smoke without the permission of the host.
5. You are welcome to use facilities within the house, such as TV, microwave oven, washing machine, air conditioner, etc. If family allows, you could use family’s computer and telephone (only to make local calls). If you need to make long-distance calls and long distance calls, please use your own telephone card.
6. If permitted by the family, you can use the kitchen to cook your own meals.
7. Please use family facilities carefully and take care of your belongings
8. If permitted by the family, you may bring guests to the home

Preliminary Instructions for Hostfamily to Foreign Lodger
1. The host family herein has agreed to be respectful, honest, fair and understanding of the foreign guest.
2. The host family will provide the foreign guest a private bedroom (In most cases a private bathroom will also be arranged), basic furniture, air conditioner/heater and at least one meal (usually dinner) in a home with telephone and Internet connections.
3. The host family should assist the foreign lodger to register with the local police office in order to comply with existing Chinese laws.
4. The host family should also help foreign lodger to familiarize with the surroundings with special attention to banks, hospitals, shops etc.
5. If permitted by the family, you can use the kitchen to cook your own meals.
6. The host family will also abide by all special commitments agreed upon with HomestayShanghai and the lodger..
7. A key will be provided to the foreign visitor upon arrival.

  Why choose us
1. Excursion to famous historical and tourist places in Shanghai and around Shanghai
2. Have home cooked Chinese meals and learn to cook Chinese cuisine
3. Learn calligraphy and have language exchange with local people
4. Affordable fees with full feature program
5. Enrolment Mandarin course at 20% discount (Optional)
6. Enjoy membership to the club activities.

1. High school graduates or above
2. Good adaptability to new environment and culture
3. English speaker / Have the basic skills of English or Chinese
4. No health problems


Application Instructions
  1. You further commit to being honest, respectful and straightforward with HomestayShanghai. The foreign visitor also agrees to be mature and responsible with all matters pertaining to HomestayShanghai.
  2. Apply with CV, picture and Personal statement and email it together with a Fully Completed Application Form to:  (plese fill out the Basic information and Homestay two pages).
  3. After we matched you up with a hostfamily you will receive their detailed information with pictures. You need to confirm if you accept this family.
  4. Make your payment of the application fee.
  5. Email a copy or scan of your passport (first page + visa page).
  6. Visit your new hostfamily together with one of our staff.
  7. If you are not happy with your host family after arrive in China, we can change you to another family if you wish.
  8. If neither you nor the family changes mind and accept each other, the contract can be signed and you can move in that day, if you like. (you are required to make your payment at the same day)
  9. You have to honor your application dates and notify us if your plans change or you cannot participate in this program for any reason as soon as you can. We do ask for a 500RMB cancellation fee if you cancel your plans after you have been placed with a family.

You also agree to spend at least 5 hours per week exchanging language and culture with the host family. HomestayShanghai will also like to mention that the more time you spend with your family the deeper the relationship and the more valuable the homestay experience will be for you.


  Our Fees

The following 3 fees apply for both “free HomeStay” & “Charged HomeStay”.

  • Application fee
  • Basic HomeStay fee
  • Room fee

The big difference between “free HomeStay” & “Charged HomeStay” is that with free HomeStay you can pay the room fee by becoming the family’s English tutor (1 hour per day, 5 hours a week).

Application fee
300 RMB Registration fee (Price in EUROs / DOLLARs)
2500 RMB deposit as cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is also the required deposit which you will get back at the end of you stay. If you cancel your homestay before actually moving in with our family you will lose this cancelation fee.)
400 RMB Airport pick up fee: (Price in EUROs / DOLLARs)

*Application fees should be paid upon placement (when we inform you that we found a family that accepts your applications).

Basic Homestay fee
1 year and more, 170 RMB per week (24.28 RMB a day)(Price in EUROs / DOLLARs)
up to 52 weeks, 250 RMB per week

6 to 30 weeks, 300 RMB per week
0 to 6 weeks, please check our homehotel page. (in general families don't accept lodgers for less than 6 weeks stay. If they do, the minimum charges is 6 weeks)

*Basic Homestay fee, preferably, is paid by bank transfer together with application fee. (However we still give the possibility to pay on day of arrival. But please note that we don't accept any cards and that the Chinese banks have set strict limitation on the amount and frequency of ATM transactions with foreign cards. So you probably would be needing to bring cash.)

Room fee for:
we like to remind you that we don’t charge any registration fee until after you accepted a family. So your initial application is totally free, why not just give it a try?

- Free HomeStay Room Fee
Total "free Homestay" fee = the Basic Homestay fee + 5 hours of English lessons per week to the hostfamily
Normally we provide Homestay only for 1 person per family. But in the occasional exception, for couples there is an extra charge of 100% over the total “Free Homestay” fee.
* Deposit 2500 RMB

- Charged HomeStay Room fee
Total “Charged Homestay” fee = the Basic HomeStay fee + Room fee

We cannot give you an exact figure for the room fee until we have found you a suitable family. This because every family has a different charge based on the total sum of quality factors. But we can tell you that the room fee mostly is within 65--92 RMB a day.
Normally we provide homestay only for 1 person per family. But in the occasional exception, for couples there is an extra charge of 30% over the total “Charged Homestay” fee.

* Deposit 2500 RMB
* Homestay Room fees should be paid on the day of meeting the family and before moving in with the family.
* To serve both, you will pay the deposit directly to us not the family.


About Our Host Families

Our host families are carefully screened and ranked amongst the most respected and decent families in Shanghai. Most families have been interviewed by our staff. They are involved in this program because they want to learn more about the west. Some families want their children to spend time with foreign English speakers for cultural awareness and to improve their Language skills.  These families will go to great lengths to make their guests feel comfortable. The host families will also assist you and provide all the necessary information and first-hand help needed during your stay.They will also help our guests learn Chinese Mandarin. Many visitors make lifelong friendships with their host families.

living room living room

Living Conditions

Generally speaking, your living conditions will be upscale by local standards. You can expect to be staying in a modern apartment with your own private bedroom. Most housing in Shanghai comprises highly secure housing complexes and communities. You will quickly find out that the Chinese are amongst the most hospitable people in the world. They will go to great lengths to make their guests feel comfortable and accommodate their every need. Our families will provide you with Chinese meals, internet access, and you will be within a short distance of shopping malls and other necessities. Apartments are equipped with adequate A/C and heating.



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