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What documents I need to submit? 
Application form

your CV/ your statement to the family
Your recent photo
First page of your passport photocopy
Health report (suggest to provide)

Will I have my own room?
Yes. You will have your private bedroom in each category: Budget, Standard or Top End.

What items will be in my room?
Every family in HomestayShanghai has convenient living facilities at home. However, the items available in your room will be different at each place. Please check the family database for more details. (You can also see pictures of your room and a photo of the Host Family)

Will I have my own bathroom?
most of our family will have your own private bathroom. Otherwise, the bathroom is shared. Please check the family database for details.

Will I get meals?
most families will provide you breakfast and dinner if you ask provide meals, but they have the right to charge extra meals fee (around 500yuan) this will be discussed when you meet family, because there is maybe food culture difference... some families welcome you to join them for breakfast or dinner free when you at home.

May I make my own food?
Yes, with the host family's permission. If you are student for long term stay and prefer to cook by yourself, please specify this in your application form.

Can I use the host family's telephone?
You may make local telephone calls from the Hostfamily. All long distance calls must be made using a calling card.

May I use the family computer to get access to the Internet?
Yes. Most families in HomestayShanghai have computer at home. If there is ADSL, it's free for you to get access to Internet. If you need to log on to the internet, you will need to get the family's permission first.

May I smoke in the house?
only with the permission of the host family. Some host families will ask that you smoke outside the unit.

Can I do laundry in the Homestay?
Yes. The host family will show you where the laundry facilities are.

Will I be able to watch television?
Yes. All the living facilities in the public area of unit will be available to you.

Will I have a curfew (time that I need to return to the Homestay each night)?
You do not have a curfew. However, it is customary that you notify your host family if you will miss dinner or will return to the house after 10pm.

Can I have guests come to the Homestay?
Yes, with the host family's permission.

Will I receive a key to the unit?
Yes for long term stay, no for short term stay.

Should I register at PSB (Public Security Bureau) during my homestay?
Yes. According to the rules of the Chinese government, all foreign visitors must provide their passport information when they arrive at an accommodation. If visitors stay with a Chinese family, they need to register with the PSB. your host family can register for you with your passport and visa.

Can I get necessary and useful info from my host family?
Absolutely. Your host family will be happy to provide you all the useful info such as how to take the bus and public transportation, where to buy phone card or mobile SIM card, and where the nearest bank and supermarket are. They can give you helpful suggestions for your trip, etc?Just ask them!

Can I be picked up at the airport?
Yes. Please contact us to make arrangements.
Airport pick up fee: RMB300-400Yuan/Person

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