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China’s ever growing importance in the world economy lets more and more foreigners come to visit china, looking for opportunity’s and learning more about Chinese (business) culture and language. We are in a rowing market in which in which we are the biggest player. We are always on the lookout for new real-estate. If you in any way are interested in partnering up with us or even partially financing some current of future projects please let us know.

aedrgr   co-operations

you are a established homestay company with business in shanghai. Is your business is not going too well lately? You have a big data base of family’s but not enough lodgers to keep a head in the game? Pleas sent us your business proposal.


erg   event organizers

We welcome individual or organization that is or plans to organize events on a professional and regular basis that might be of interest of our foreign lodgers. Please sent us a detail description of your events, your resume and a detailed business proposal.


ss   Job opportunity

At this moment we don’t have any open vacancies. However you may always feel free to send us a open application. We will contact new vacancies open in the future.

acfew   Internships

We applaud internships but don’t always have the available manpower to properly guide the internee. If you’re interested in having your internship with us please make sure you send your request about 4 months in advanced (the earlier the better). Besides your resume and cover letter we would also like to receive your motivation letter and a detailed information on your school, your major, the nature of your internship (the targets set out by your university).



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