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We started HomestayShanghai in 2006 to cater to the increasing interest among foreigners in gaining an experience in a totally Chinese environment by living in a local Chinese family in Shanghai.

The secret behind our strongly increasing success directly since the start of home stay shanghai is more than partly due to our devotion towards and result interaction all beneficiaries. All way anticipating there needs.     

Homestay is a culturally enriching experience for both the host families and the lodgers. The locals get the opportunity to learn English and other foreign languages and cultures while the foreign lodger gets the chance to learn Chinese language and culture without having to pay exorbitant fees.

HomestayShanghai aims to provide good opportunities for cultural exchange between foreigners and the Chinese people. We take pleasure in bringing people of different cultures together in a rewarding experience. Foreign lodgers can also experience the richness and diversity of china’s culture through a Homestay program. We hope we can be of service to you.

We believe in the usefulness of cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world. China is a hospitable and culturally rich and diverse country that deserves more appreciation in the world.

Chinese families start off hoping to learn some English and are curious about and like to enrich their awareness of foreign cultures. Furthermore, Chinese families want to give their children a head start in life by increasing their exposure to foreign cultures at an early stage in their life.  

Foreigners will feel that coming to China, a country that is so different in terms of language and culture, is a great challenge that is difficult to overcome. However, through our Homestay program and cultural exchange opportunities, all these challenges will be easily overcome. Due to the large and friendly Homestay Shanghai community, the chances of you feeling homesick is very much reduced.

More often than not, they are overwhelmingly content with the blooming friendships that arise form these cultural exchanges, At times, this leads to life long friendships that transcends national boundaries.

We have a specialized team of local contacts with the best access to the best families and the best locations in Shanghai. A top class administrative team of locals and expatriates with the local knowledge, contacts and resources to help you adjust to life in Shanghai and to meet your needs.

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  1. Mandarin courses
  2. Language Club
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Other services

  1. Community
  2. Tour / shopping Guide
  3. Car & driver service
  4. Interpretation & Translation
  5. Business assistant
  6. Apartment / homtel rental online presence of shanghai best homestay organization, is committed to the mission of connecting the world to Shanghai and Shanghai to the world.,

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We invite Travel and other organizations and individuals with the interest and capability in cooperation with HomestayShanghai are welcome to contact us.

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