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you core business includes providing service to foreigners who are in or are planing to come to china. Your core business does not include providing housing but as an extra added service you like to provide housing for them.

Headhunters providing teaching or other jobs, schools who attract foreign students but don’t have their own dormitory. Companies who offer internships to foreigners.

If you choice to let us help you providing this extra service you will not only be able to provide your customers with affordable housing but you can also rest assured the thy receive only high class living environments and the ability to enrich them self’s by maximizing their cultural experience.

The first thing you should ask your self is do you want or need to become a reseller? If you don’t plan to incorporate our services in your own business portfolio and you have no intention of adding extra charge, the answer is no. In all other cases you probably want to become a reseller.

If you don’t become a reseller but just want to help you customer and make sure they deal with a trustworthy company and want to be able to guarantee them a A-qualety location. Your customers are in good hands with us. Just sent us their contact detail and we will take care of the rest. Unfortunately our pricing doesn’t leave room for any form of commission.

As reseller you can sell our services as your own to your client base. The methods of incorporating our services in to you business portfolio we leave totally up to you. But if you need some inspiration here are some examples of our current resellers:

Packaging - Combine the housing we provide with their own service like voluntary work or internships and charge a all-in-1 fee.

Rebranding - Reselling our services as their own, under their own name, with their own prices.

Commission - Instead of change the price, collecting a 1 time finder’s fee as their commission.

Before you as reseller can start sending us requests for lodging, you need to have signed our “resellers membership agreement”. In this agreement besides outlining the basic conditions under which we provide our service and your general responsibilities we also discriminate between different membership groups, with each a different SLA.

If you are interested in our resellers program pleas sent us you company information and a description on how we can help you server your customers.



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