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FamilyHotel - Jing’an
  FamilyHotel - Jing'an (introduction)
  Room A; Master bedroom
  Room B; Facing south
  Room C; balcony room
  3 Star hotel - ZhongShan park
  Modern hotel - Changning /Jing’an
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FamilyHotel concept: for both short & long term, these family hotels are our best price offers and are the only ones in our hotel range that can be rented for long term. And at the same time, the quality and convenience of these family hotels have to offer aren’t any less than our other accommodations in our hotel range. The only big disadvantage is that:
Due to limited available rooms and high demand, there is a limit on reservation time, and there is a cancelation fee of 50% from the deposit.
The unique feature of our HomeHotel is providing a sense of "Home" with a Hotel like convenience. (1) At least 40% -50% cheaper than normal hotels (2) with washing machine and kitchen for more convenient living to give you a more homely feeling.

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Room status: available room:
available appartment:
Renting apartments: If you're 1 person who like to live spacious or 1 family (couple) who are looking for an apartment for themselfs you able to rent the apartment as a whole (if available). You’re not allowed to sub rent or share with others.
Renting rooms: If you planning to rent the apartment as a group of individuals we only rent-out room by room. This is to avoid any troubles and inconvenience when one or more in the group decides to move out.
Renting with more than 3 friends:

We have some apartments very close to each other. We even have apartment in the same building. Which would mean that although you sleep on different flours, when you want to hang-out with your friend, eat, watch DVD, etcetera. You only have to take the elevator a couple of floors up or down. Very convenient for groups of friends, class mates, students. In some cases it’s even possible to create a single shared wireless network.

This means that if one of you decides to move out, there will be no financial responsibility for the other group members. Each apartment has 3 rooms so you could share apartments in the same building. The other spare rooms we will rent out to another lodger. If any rooms come empty you’ll be the first ones to know. So if at that time you have some more friends who you like sharing the apartment with, that would be no problem.

This way you share best of both worlds, living together with friends without the financial responsibility for each other. With options to resize you group member total without individual consequences.

General description:

3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, 2 living rooms (dining room & TV/Sitting room).

Room type Availability details booking
Room A; Master bedroom
Room B; Facing south
Room C; balcony room
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